ALL  Seniors golfers ages 13 to 16 is 7:00am Monday August 21, 2017  3

ALL  Novice Golfers ( Ages 9 to 12 )  is 11am Monday August 21, 2017

2017 Entry List

Click on a file to download.

If your name is in grey, an email has been sent requesting some information that was missing at time of submitting your entry.

Please also review your SPAM in the event you have not received it.

NOTE: Please remember volunteers update the information so review the date you submitted your entry to the date listed on the file name.  Eg. If you submit your entry August 1 2017, and the file name has 073017 then it was updated July 30, 2017. Please contact the committee only if the name does not appear on the list dated "AFTER" your submission. This will eliminate reviewing multiple entries being submitted for the committee to go through. 

Please and Thank You in advance for your patience and understanding.

2017 EK Entry List_Final (pdf)